Snowmobiling at Snowshoe Mountain Resort was great fun this past weekend. We booked the tour a few days in advance and weren’t sure what to expect. We didn’t leave disappointed!

We got a late start to our 3 hour drive from Morgantown. The snow started hammering us in mid-afternoon and we quickly realized we wouldn’t make our reservations. We rescheduled and barely made the late tour. The temperature dropped more than 20 degrees that evening, and we plowed through whiteout conditions the whole way.

We finely made it to the mountain after a nail-biting trip. We arrived at the Adventure Center, signed the paperwork, and received our safety/operators briefing. Riders from the previous tour were coming inside looking like they stood in front of a snow-making machine. Our guide said the entire evening had been blizzard-like and extremely blustery. He said I shouldn’t even bother using the GoPro – I wouldn’t hear of it!

It was now six degrees below zero, but we were fortunate to have the wind and snow calm down. Visibility was improving. The heated handles and additional heat from the snowmobile motor was inviting. By the time we hit the trails our adrenaline was sufficiently surging – cold was no longer a factor.

We were the last group to go out that night. We took a few laps at the top of the hill to practice leaning into our turns and exercise our control of the machine. After our practice laps we shot over the hill, passed a couple Snowcats, and hit the trails. We rode up and down the mountain on the slopes, navigated backcountry trails, and popped out on roads around Shavers Lake. Midway through our tour we were ripping it up the mountain on the wide-open ski slopes. We weren’t afraid of speed.

We rode more than an hour. Luckily, we had good visibility and picked up some great footage on the GoPro. The tour was a blast and we definitely recommend riding snowmobiles on you next visit to Snowshoe Mountain Resort!